The Prelude covers the free Basic Version of the game. All Features are included, but the Story and world is limited to a tutorial section and a few regions.


The starting Area with several NPCs, that offer services or start quests.


A small village in the North of Interia with a self-supporting economy and almost no Military.

Pumpkin Field

Learn the first simple mechanics of the game.


 The pumpkin and oatfields are under old Emriks charge.


The Grand Hall

Learn how to change specializations and basic combat.


Home of the city guards and main market place of the village.





Crimsondale Woods

Southern District

The main Connection between Crimsondale and Brimshire.

The area where the Tower spawned.




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We are a small team of passionate Gamers located in Mainz (Germany).  Playing Videogames since the early age, we decided to start a small Company to bring our own games to life.

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