Chapter II


Enter the second Floor of the Tower, haunter by the fallen Archmage 'Sfyr'



New Feature: Companions



Companions collect loot and follow you during your adventures. They can be bought for ingame collectables.



New Areas


Tower Grounding

The foundation of the Tower, haunted by the fallen Archmage 'Sfyr'.


 Sfyr's Resting Place

The resting place of Sfyr's human remains. 




Underground Cathedral

An Underground cathedral inhibited by one of Scak's dearest Followers Countess valya.


Cathedral Exteriors

A Graveyard surrounding the Underground cathedral.




Archmage Sfyr's Manor

( 4 Players )


A memory of archmage Sfyr's former live. Not recommended for solo play.

Sfyr's refugee

Disconnected from space and time.






Torture Chamber

A disposal facility for sinful souls.






The Maximum itemlevel is increased to 3

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