Chapter I

Enter the tower's first floor and stop Scak's henchmen, the Vashua!

This DLC adds two new dungeon types:



Make your way through two dimensional levels full of jumps and moving platforms 



Defeat hordes of enemies in classic side-view Action



Additional Regions in regular 3rd Person view:


Tower Covert

The Tower level closest to ground Level in control of the vashua tribe, a consortium of dull worshippers of a creature they call "vashua".


Vashua Remains

A dungeon area and the main cult site for the vashua clan.




Vashua Foundation

The substructure of the Vashua remains and hideout for the tribe leader "Quizzelfizz".


Brood Mother's Refuge

A cave connecting the Tower covert with lower regions of the Tower.






Swamp Dragon's Nest

( 4 Players )


The nest of a small green Dragon. Although not a big specimen of its kind, it is not recommended to tackle him alone.

The Maximum itemlevel is increased to 2

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