Patch 1.3 was released, adding full support for keyboard and mouse.


Chaper II approaches completion.  New screenshots and artwork was added to the media section.


Patch 1.2 was released, fixing some of the control issues and improving the overall

accessibility of the game.


Base Version and chapter I was released!

You can have a look here.


Our storepage on steam is now public and the prelude and DLC1 will be available very soon!

You can follow the release Status here.


 Added more in depth Information about the gameplay to the Website.

Added More Screenshots to the media section.


 We are finalizing the Prelude and Chapter I. They will be available on steam soon.


 Added 9 new ingame Screenshots to the media section.

About Us

We are a small team of passionate Gamers located in Mainz (Germany).  Playing Videogames since the early age, we decided to start a small Company to bring our own games to life.

Inner World Games

Mombacher Straße 77

55122 Mainz / Germany