There are 4 specializations in the game, covering melee classes and magic based ranged fighters. The Player can change his specialization and reset invested Abilitypoints at any time.


A pure supporter with a low damage output but strong healing and buffing capabilities.



A mostly ranged elemental mage with high burst and damage over time potential.


A strong melee fighter with good crowd Control and high burst damage.


A resilient fighter with lots of health. Strong at mitigating damage.



Abilities can be found in the world or been taught by NPCs. Leveling an ability unlocks special perks.


The pool of abilities and ways to modify them will be extended with future DLCs.

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We are a small team of passionate Gamers located in Mainz (Germany).  Playing Videogames since the early age, we decided to start a small Company to bring our own games to life.

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