The Player can choose between 4 specializations with individual abilities and playstyles. The specialization and Equipment for each specialization can be changed at any time.

Encounters include trash fights, Champion packs and bosses. They are spread in the world or dungeons accessible from the individual Tower Levels.

There are 13 Equipment slots the Player can equip weapons and armor for. All Equipment comes with a certain itemlevel and qualitylevel driving its power.

There are a variety of puzzles and minigames in the game, unlocking special treasure or opening new Areas.

The Player can individualize the difficulty of each dungeon in the game. Higher difficulties unlock better loot or open new Areas or bosses in the dungeon.

About Us

We are a small team of passionate Gamers located in Mainz (Germany).  Playing Videogames since the early age, we decided to start a small Company to bring our own games to life.

Inner World Games

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